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February 11, 2008


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Merry (Mom)

I look forward to taking the journey with you. I love the way you feel about our Kate and I love that you love sloths! ;)

Mother Croft


And the Moms weigh in first! I love how you and Kate discuss, explore and share everything - even blogs. I, too, am so happy to be a part of your wondrous lives.


brilliant blog! so glad to see the grooms comments as well!
re your commentary on The Knot, made me think of something i saw recently have you seen the Story of Stuff?


I love hearing from you, Jeremy! I was also excited to see a new post on this blog, which I find so inspiring, interesting and fun to read! I'm so glad, and honored, to be friends with both of you.


I'm such a lucky sister to be a part of this whole experience. What a beautiful and genuinely loving famiry. :)

Simone and Jackson

Okay I thought the moonpie blog was the greatest, now I have another wonderful blog of yours to read!!!!! We are blessed to have such great tenants! Will share with Tim (and Jackson when he can read :-P

- Simone


Hello! I just found your blog and added it to my list. I love alla your big words and big thoughts. A valuable touchstone in the months to come.

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What a brilliant storie! Big fan! Looking forward to the next one.


Love your writing style! Now will move on to read your wedding post! :)

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