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November 07, 2007


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cool resources, muftie!


My bestest friend,

As always, your writing inspires and entertains. I'm looking forward to reading (and being with you, via phone and spirit) through this journey!

Love you,

Merry Croft

I'm in for the ride, through the wedding and beyond, to a new son-in-law (and grandchildren!) and knowing that you will always have someone who loves you to share your life with. I am glad you are taking this opportunity to document the journey for yourselves and for others who will benefit by your experiences and insight.

Although I believe "obey" has been taken out of most modern day marriage ceremonies, I am sure nothing else positive has been added to enhance the true meaning of the day, only pomp and circumstance. I so hope you and Jeremy find a new way to express your heart song. Your Father and I are here with all the support we have always tried to give our precious daughter, as well for the one she loves.



I love that I have you to look up to and learn from.



Kate, thanks for inviting me in! If and when you have time, I can tell you how I had a 50-guest wedding--and a 1-guest wedding. Good luck in your planning!

Phil :-)

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Rochel Faltus

Nice. I'm so excited of your plans! I've been searching for other ethical weddings, and their ideas were fantastic. :)I love how you see things in a way that most people don't. Keep it up!

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