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November 15, 2007


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Oh my gosh! How much do I love you?
You write (and so eloquently) all of those thoughts that have swum around in my head for 35 years that I didn't quite bring to the surface and actually think about - but there they are on your blog! I am so inspired and impressed and proud of you and in 36 hours can tell you to your face! I can't wait...




Your blog is growing increasingly interesting and intriguing each day. I so love being a part of this with you!


This is just to say, I love your blog; eloquent you are! I've been engaged for about a month, and my goal from the start has been to not crack a bridal magazine. Mostly, I'm glad to know that there are like-minded (a.k.a. non-brainwashed) people out there!

Simone and Jackson

Where the heck were you when I was planning my wedding?!?!?! I fell for it hook line... LOVE this post!!!!!!

Simone and Jackson

Wait to my credit I did not totally drink the Kool-Aid... But I did fall for the dreaded "check lists"... :-P


Oh my goodness! Our blogs must be friends immediately! This is so great... we are on the same page. Down to, I was just talking over using monkey finger puppets as a cake topper. I even have a politically blogging groom (and I lived in Brooklyn till last year, when we moved to San Francisco).
Yay! (you go on my blog roll tonight).


Thanks, thanks, thanks for keeping me sane. I invited two more people to my wedding-blog and I'm begging to regret it because they are so pro typical-wedding. Thanks for make me realize that there are more "normal" people outside.


Great post! Love your blog!


just found your blog via a practical wedding! Great stuff especially this post.


Just discovered you, and, AMEN SISTER!

I am vaguely planning a vague wedding that when the father of my children gets around to proposing (our one wink at the ordinary, I think) and we set a date, I will be able to concretely plan.

I have decided to ignore all bridal magazines. Just not even look at them, not even the cover, and get off Knot.com. I don't even look at their email updates anymore.

I'd rather look at normal parties and normal flower arranging, and normal fashion for my style inspiration. And blogs like yours.

Fingers McGhee

Great. I knew it. Does this mean I can't have wear a silky piece of sheer fabric on my head and have my own father give me away without being labeled as the unsophisticated bumpkin who is solely responsible for the oppression of millions of women all over the world?? I knew I couldn't get away with doing what I wanted without having to consider the viewpoint of yet another opinionated (if slightly skewed and bitter) contributor. I guess #2 on your checklist was "Piss On Someone".

And no offense, but any genius can see that theknot.com, just like every other wedding related media outlet, is attempting to appeal to as many consumers as possible to sell ad space. That's what they do...they appeal to consumers. Not wave banners for whatever trendy righteous cause you've decided to champion this week. I guess some moron over there at theknot.com headquarters thought that eventually some of those broads (yes I said broads) might actually want to celebrate being married to a man.

I did agree about the giant diamond ads and the black girls. You should also speak to the fact that there is virtually no presence of latin women in any of these ads. Just a thought, to give a nod to the fastest growing minority in the country. If you're really unmotivated, then why not take a look at Martha Stewart's site? After all, she is a Jewish female business owner. That's bound to be on your "Trendy Liberal Wedding Checklist" somewhere.

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wow. that's the best one yet. I really love the feel it evokes. Great post!


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